viernes, 29 de junio de 2012

The last blog

Hello how are you? I well, well a little sad because I tell them that this is the last blog I write, which is why I want to tell as was my experience of blogging.
Never had before in blog, so this was the first time I create one and it was quite entertaining, since it was not a blog in Spanish than in English if it really helped me improve my writing and my vocabulary.
I would argue that activities like this should be done in an English class because it usually comes out of the classroom and is helpful for learning English and learning to write in English.
I find it very entertaining to write about a topic of interest but in a way that you can take advantage as learning English.
Many times when the subject was free cost me a bit to decide that issue choose to write, but once that was chosen was very entertaining, well after the end of your blog you could visit the blogs of your friends and read about the different issues that they wrote and comment, often the issues were quite entertaining.
Well I hope you enjoyed my blogs. Greetings.

Valentina Araya

jueves, 14 de junio de 2012

My little friend

Hiiiii!!! How are you??? Today i will write about my little friend, she is Yulina, but i call her Yuli. 
Yuli is my neighbor. She is 5 years old but tomorrow she will be six.
She goes to my house every day, she carries her notebooks and I help her to do homework. She is learning to read and we practice every day the letters of the alphabet. She is very disorganized at school. She doesn’t like to go to school, and she never pays attention in class, she doesn’t copy the homework.
When she doesn’t have homework we see videos on internet, sometimes when she doesn’t have to go to school we paint her nails with a lot of colors.  
She is very beautiful, she has looooooong hair. I fight with her because I said that my hair is more beautiful and she says that her, but is only a game.
She tells me that all the men are “cochinos larry”. She is very crazy and I love her!

jueves, 31 de mayo de 2012

Kat von D

Hiii, how are you? today i will writte about Kay Von D. 
Her complete name is Katherine von Drachenberg Galeano, but is know as Kat von D. She is a a famous tattoo artist. She was born in Mexico, but the most part of her life has lived in EEUU. Her first tattoo was 14 years old "J", it symbolizing her first love, but three years latter they broke. She was a brilliant student, but she left school at 14 and left home too, for pursue art tattoo. With the time Kat acquired a lot of talent anda quality, which took her to "miami ink" (tv show), and now in her own show "Los angeles ink". She has another talent, she can play the piano very well. Now she has her own line up and clothing line, and she has an art gallery and restaurant too. She published a book, "High Voltage Tattoo" with her autobiography, pictures and tips about the tattoos. She is considered a great artist in the word of the tattoos.

jueves, 24 de mayo de 2012

My favorite photograph

Today i will writte about mi favorite photograph.
This is my favorite photograph, i took it.
This picture out my dog, Martini.  I love took photograph to my dog because he likes pose at the camera, he is very photogenic, he loves to the cameras.
This photograph shows the face of Martini's profile, it shows hair Martini, the colors of his hair are very beautiful, Martini in the photo looks very thoughtful, very seriously, which gives it a interesting position. He was looking at the fixed point.
I really like this photography because my dog out very well, this photograph is veri important for me because Martini is like a soon for me, it is my baby and i love him
I took this photograph one day when we were in the garden of my house, i was playing with Martini and i happened take photos, this occurred the last summer.
See you soon.

jueves, 3 de mayo de 2012


Hellooooooo! Today i will writte about mi favorite beach.
Bombinhas is a place of Santa Caratina in Brazil. Bombinhas is a place not very tourist, but with time, the beach will be very populated. It has a good weather and an excellent beach, it is small, but the important is that it has a hot water. 
Bombinhas has 26 beaches that satisfy all the possibilities, from downtown and populated, desert to the paradisiacal beaches less known and accessible.
The weather is good, in summer the temperature is similar 28º-22º, between may and october the temperature is minimun (16º-18º).
Bombinhas waters are great for diving is one of the quintessential dive destinations in Brazil. In fact it is recognized as the Diving Capital Green.
I go to Bombinhas every summer with my family and my friends, but i go to bomba's beach. I really like this place, is very relax and safe. We have a good time in there. 

jueves, 26 de abril de 2012

My favorite Band

Hi, how are you? I will write about my favorite band. 

My favorite band is The Rasmus, they from Helsinki, Finland, this band has four members, Lauri, Pauli, Aki, Eero. This band has 15 years. The Rasmus is a band of alternative rock. They ding in english. 

I like a lot this band because because them songs are very good, it have many emotions. They have seven albums, the most famous is dead letter and Hide from the sun, the first i think that is the better, because it has the songs more interesting and i love it, but my favorite song is the album Hide from the sun, the song is "sail away", it is my favorite song because it tell about the love and the distance.

This is the video of the song.

Mi Ipod

Hello!!! today i will tell you about my favorite piece of technology. 

An Ipod is my favorite piece of technology, i used it every day. In it i can do anything, i can take photos, make videos, listen to music, watch viedos and tv, play games, use the calculator, the see weather, use the internet, facebook and a lot of other things. 
An Ipod has a lot of sofware packages, it you can download free or you have pay for it, but the majority is free. 

Always i use the internet, because ipod has wifi conection, and i check my e-mail or use facebook. I listen to music every day, i have a lot of songs  in there, when i go in the subway or in the bus i use earphones and listen to music.

See you soon.

jueves, 12 de abril de 2012

My autobiography

Hellooooo!!! how are you today?, I'm very happy because I HAVE A BLOG!!!. My name is Valentina Araya. I'm 19 years old, i was born on 10th october, 1992. I from Santiago of Chile. I'm study public admistration in Universidad de Chile, i'm in second year. I  live really away to the university, i hate it because i have wake up very early, i live in there  with my parents and my little sister, her name is Sofia, she's no very friendly. I have two pets, but one of they is a soon for me, his name is Martini,now my little soon has children, four cute babys, i love dogs.  Today i'm in second year of the carreer, i have to study a lot, i don't have a lot of time fot do somethings that a love, like read.I like read contemporany literatury, novels, my favorite writer is Pablo Simonetti, because he is a very good writer. My favorite food is sushi. I play football with my friends, we are not very well but we love play, we training tuesday and thursday in stadium of Recoleta. 

See you soon!!