jueves, 24 de mayo de 2012

My favorite photograph

Today i will writte about mi favorite photograph.
This is my favorite photograph, i took it.
This picture out my dog, Martini.  I love took photograph to my dog because he likes pose at the camera, he is very photogenic, he loves to the cameras.
This photograph shows the face of Martini's profile, it shows hair Martini, the colors of his hair are very beautiful, Martini in the photo looks very thoughtful, very seriously, which gives it a interesting position. He was looking at the fixed point.
I really like this photography because my dog out very well, this photograph is veri important for me because Martini is like a soon for me, it is my baby and i love him
I took this photograph one day when we were in the garden of my house, i was playing with Martini and i happened take photos, this occurred the last summer.
See you soon.

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