jueves, 26 de abril de 2012

My favorite Band

Hi, how are you? I will write about my favorite band. 

My favorite band is The Rasmus, they from Helsinki, Finland, this band has four members, Lauri, Pauli, Aki, Eero. This band has 15 years. The Rasmus is a band of alternative rock. They ding in english. 

I like a lot this band because because them songs are very good, it have many emotions. They have seven albums, the most famous is dead letter and Hide from the sun, the first i think that is the better, because it has the songs more interesting and i love it, but my favorite song is the album Hide from the sun, the song is "sail away", it is my favorite song because it tell about the love and the distance.

This is the video of the song.

Mi Ipod

Hello!!! today i will tell you about my favorite piece of technology. 

An Ipod is my favorite piece of technology, i used it every day. In it i can do anything, i can take photos, make videos, listen to music, watch viedos and tv, play games, use the calculator, the see weather, use the internet, facebook and a lot of other things. 
An Ipod has a lot of sofware packages, it you can download free or you have pay for it, but the majority is free. 

Always i use the internet, because ipod has wifi conection, and i check my e-mail or use facebook. I listen to music every day, i have a lot of songs  in there, when i go in the subway or in the bus i use earphones and listen to music.

See you soon.

jueves, 12 de abril de 2012

My autobiography

Hellooooo!!! how are you today?, I'm very happy because I HAVE A BLOG!!!. My name is Valentina Araya. I'm 19 years old, i was born on 10th october, 1992. I from Santiago of Chile. I'm study public admistration in Universidad de Chile, i'm in second year. I  live really away to the university, i hate it because i have wake up very early, i live in there  with my parents and my little sister, her name is Sofia, she's no very friendly. I have two pets, but one of they is a soon for me, his name is Martini,now my little soon has children, four cute babys, i love dogs.  Today i'm in second year of the carreer, i have to study a lot, i don't have a lot of time fot do somethings that a love, like read.I like read contemporany literatury, novels, my favorite writer is Pablo Simonetti, because he is a very good writer. My favorite food is sushi. I play football with my friends, we are not very well but we love play, we training tuesday and thursday in stadium of Recoleta. 

See you soon!!