jueves, 26 de abril de 2012

Mi Ipod

Hello!!! today i will tell you about my favorite piece of technology. 

An Ipod is my favorite piece of technology, i used it every day. In it i can do anything, i can take photos, make videos, listen to music, watch viedos and tv, play games, use the calculator, the see weather, use the internet, facebook and a lot of other things. 
An Ipod has a lot of sofware packages, it you can download free or you have pay for it, but the majority is free. 

Always i use the internet, because ipod has wifi conection, and i check my e-mail or use facebook. I listen to music every day, i have a lot of songs  in there, when i go in the subway or in the bus i use earphones and listen to music.

See you soon.

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