jueves, 12 de abril de 2012

My autobiography

Hellooooo!!! how are you today?, I'm very happy because I HAVE A BLOG!!!. My name is Valentina Araya. I'm 19 years old, i was born on 10th october, 1992. I from Santiago of Chile. I'm study public admistration in Universidad de Chile, i'm in second year. I  live really away to the university, i hate it because i have wake up very early, i live in there  with my parents and my little sister, her name is Sofia, she's no very friendly. I have two pets, but one of they is a soon for me, his name is Martini,now my little soon has children, four cute babys, i love dogs.  Today i'm in second year of the carreer, i have to study a lot, i don't have a lot of time fot do somethings that a love, like read.I like read contemporany literatury, novels, my favorite writer is Pablo Simonetti, because he is a very good writer. My favorite food is sushi. I play football with my friends, we are not very well but we love play, we training tuesday and thursday in stadium of Recoleta. 

See you soon!!

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