viernes, 29 de junio de 2012

The last blog

Hello how are you? I well, well a little sad because I tell them that this is the last blog I write, which is why I want to tell as was my experience of blogging.
Never had before in blog, so this was the first time I create one and it was quite entertaining, since it was not a blog in Spanish than in English if it really helped me improve my writing and my vocabulary.
I would argue that activities like this should be done in an English class because it usually comes out of the classroom and is helpful for learning English and learning to write in English.
I find it very entertaining to write about a topic of interest but in a way that you can take advantage as learning English.
Many times when the subject was free cost me a bit to decide that issue choose to write, but once that was chosen was very entertaining, well after the end of your blog you could visit the blogs of your friends and read about the different issues that they wrote and comment, often the issues were quite entertaining.
Well I hope you enjoyed my blogs. Greetings.

Valentina Araya

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