jueves, 14 de junio de 2012

My little friend

Hiiiii!!! How are you??? Today i will write about my little friend, she is Yulina, but i call her Yuli. 
Yuli is my neighbor. She is 5 years old but tomorrow she will be six.
She goes to my house every day, she carries her notebooks and I help her to do homework. She is learning to read and we practice every day the letters of the alphabet. She is very disorganized at school. She doesn’t like to go to school, and she never pays attention in class, she doesn’t copy the homework.
When she doesn’t have homework we see videos on internet, sometimes when she doesn’t have to go to school we paint her nails with a lot of colors.  
She is very beautiful, she has looooooong hair. I fight with her because I said that my hair is more beautiful and she says that her, but is only a game.
She tells me that all the men are “cochinos larry”. She is very crazy and I love her!

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  1. two beautiful women jijiji :) kisses vale

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  3. your hair is more beautiful ! jaja
    the little girl is lazy